Monday, January 7, 2013


I don't normally go in for matchy-matchy, as a rule. But I made an exception. I had ordered this sweet bird print to make a wee dress for Pickle. Then Miss B saw it, and loved it.

I had only ordered half a yard: plenty for a baby dress, not enough for much of anything for a nine-year-old. So I split the fabric up. (Pardon the lack of ironing and the odd stray thread in the photos. I snag my pics when I can, and there's not a whole lot of time for styling these days.)

I found this slate-coloured corduroy at the fabric store, and used some purple velvet ribbon I had on hand, and voila, matching girls.

Pickle's dress closes with a single button in the back. Miss B's skirt has a plain elastic waist.

(Again: pay no attention to the loose threads. )

Pickle's feet are far too interesting for her to look up at the camera. But those cheeks are magnificent, aren't they?


  1. Having girls so close in age I do tend to go for the matchy-matchy on the odd occasion. I have to say though, it is Moira tries to match her and Fionnuala up more often than I do. It's rather cute. Only one month left until we find out if we have three girls to play matchy-matchy with.

  2. One more month! Eeeek! I've been thinking about you guys. How are the girls feeling about the sibling to come?

    I think I actually match the boys up fairly often, but it's mostly because a) all boy clothes look the same (at least all of ours do, because once you weed out the jock stuff, the violently aggressive stuff, and the logo-splashed stuff, what you have left is blue striped shirts, and jeans/cords), and b) if they're in coordinated outfits I can easily spot them in a sea of children at playgroup or at parties or wherever it is we go. So it's practical, if kind of silly.